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Many people have a specific need for detox. If you are not sure what you need, start with the "Home detoxifying products" section. What Is a Detox? The body's main detox centers are the liver, stomach, intestines and colon. There are many different types of detoxes, but the most common are detoxes by medications, enzymes, food, supplements or minerals. For many people, there are few specific symptoms associated with the detox. If you have questions about your specific needs, consult your medical doctor. Diet, Minerals and Health Detox Products For Detoxification There are many detox products available to help you detox, but it is always helpful to know what to avoid. Most detox products will help with food, but there are a few that can be helpful with supplements. For this section, I will only consider minerals, as there is always an abundance of them in nature. Minerals are essential for body health. Your body contains a mixture of various minerals: magnesium (found in many foods), copper (in many minerals), iron (in certain minerals) and zinc (in certain minerals). These are called minerals for a reason. They form a chain that can help you digest certain foods. The chain can also help you detoxify certain substances in your body.

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